★Interns wanted★


◎What do we do?

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“Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”
Guidable, Inc. provides the gateway platform “Guidable Q&A(http://qa.guidable.co/)” closely related to the life in Japan. We released the βversion on the 4th of April in 2016. Any questions which are come up with by living in Japan are available in English. “Team Guidable” will answer all the questions quickly.
Guidable, Inc. is aiming to create a world in which more and more multinational people can communicate online by multinational languages in Japan.

【Guidable Q&A】
【Guidable Japan】
【Guidable Jobs】
【Press release】



◎Why are we working on?

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Japan is evaluated as a “friendly” and ”easy-to-live” country but is that true? I feel that Japanese services are one of the most unfriendly ones in the world and they are hard to use for foreigners.
Representative Tanabe has answered for foreigners’ worries by living with 7 Japanese and 7 foreigners for about 3 years, for example, “there’s no apartment for foreigners, “”doctors can’t understand English and it’s hard to explain the symptoms,”” there’s no job which doesn’t require Japanese, “”it’s impossible to understand the Japanese mobile phone contract systems.” Try to solve those questions from foreigners by generate them. Let’s make “we don’t understand Japanese but it went well somehow” to “aha! This is how Japanese system is like.” We hope you to know Japan more and make your Japanese life exciting.


◎How do we do?

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Our multinational Japanese team, who knows how foreigners and Japan are like by their own experiences, follows questions from foreigners and mainly Japanese team is working on developing services. Our team is small but highly capable organization.
Our members are willing to join multinational cultural interactions and we always talk about each other’ cultures.



◎Job details

Here at Guidable, Inc….
A lot of multinational interns are working with us by sharing the same mind, “No Border.”
We are looking for a power who can work as a right hand of our CEO.
“What are you going to do?”
We have 3 main web businesses right now; Guidable Q&A, Guidable Japan, and Guidable Jobs. You will make strategic concepts to drive each service and try and error to execute the business plan. Guidable is a startup company so there’s no fixed or routine works. A lot of interns are coming up with new ideas every day and produce result. Why don’t you join us and drive team Guidable with your ideas and action?
“Who are you working with?”
We are currently composed with multinational members from 12 countries;
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, The United States, Canada, Rumania, Spain, Germany and Brazil.
You will hardly see the multinational teams like us.
“What kind of interns are we looking for?”
– eager to growth the startup company under the executives from Softbank
– interested in working in other countries and willing to work overseas in the future
– think for yourself and then act
– able to use Business level English
– spare any efforts
– long-term full commitment
Yes, that’s YOU who are reading it right now.
Just apply and come to our office to talk with us!
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


★★★How to apply★★★

Send us a mail to【info@guidable.co.jp】;

  1. Your name
  2. Name of university
  3. School year
  4. Desired position/ occupation
  5. What you want to do at/how you contribute to Guidable



We are looking forward to seeing you!


Masaki Tanabe