81.3% of Non-Japanese Residents Living in Japan Want to Be Vaccinated for The Third Time, and some are Dissatisfied with The Information on Vaccination for Foreign Residents


Guidable Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masaki Tanabe) released the results of its “Guidable’s Survey on Non-Japanese Residents’ Vaccination Awareness” targeting non-Japanese residents on November 18, 2021. As a result of this survey, 81.3% of foreign residents in Japan answered that they would like to be vaccinated a third time. 88.5% have already been vaccinated, while some pointed out that there have been some issues with response and management of vaccinations for non-Japanese residents.

81.3% of non-Japanese residents living in Japan want to be vaccinated for the third time, and some are dissatisfied with the information on vaccination for foreign residents ~Guidable’s Survey on Non-Japanese Residents’ Vaccination Awareness〜