Notice of Renewal of “Guidable Japan,” a How-To Media for Foreign Residents


We are pleased to announce that Guidable Inc. has renewed the “Guidable Japan” homepage (, a how-to media for foreign residents.

Guidable Japan, which is operated and developed by our company, has been reborn as a page that is easy to browse by improving the design and adding items to the toolbar to make it even easier for users to use.

◼ Service Outline

Guidable Co., Ltd. operates “Guidable Japan” to make life easier for foreigners living in Japan and to collect information about Japan, based on the principle of “eliminating the boundary between foreigners and Japanese”. In addition to supporting the lives of foreign residents, we help companies expand their recognition of their services to foreign residents and solve the problems of approaching foreign residents.

◼ Renewal points of our website

Sleek New Design

We wanted to provide our readers with a seamless reading experience. With the new minimalist design, it’s easier to find the desired information and read the article contents without any unwanted distractions. Readers can even turn on notifications for new articles so they can read straight away.

Topic Sections 

It’s now faster to check new articles in our popular topics: News and Trends, New Life in Japan, Work-Life, with separate sections on the home page. Readers can also view our special features through the handy slider under the Recent Articles. 

New Job Information

Guidable readers looking for jobs in Japan can now find selected Guidable Job offers from home page sidebar. With easy to find job offers, as well as guides on job hunting and working in Japan, Guidable can help job searchers find their perfect job fit in Japan.